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Jude Dornisch

Moving On

Posted by Jude Dornisch Mar 31, 2011
The Proof board works well. It is a pegboard with some guide wood strips (for stiffening) and foam with aluminium rails.   The foam rails are just press fit for now this allows for quick interchange as the design varies. Soda can aluminium will work but will wear out pretty quick.   I've gone ahead a worked up a pinch roller for bending the rails. I can see that I'll need to do something to tweak the rails down the road. They work great for all the wire inserts but dip and ic pins ma ...
Jude Dornisch

Proof of Concept

Posted by Jude Dornisch Mar 29, 2011
The actual board is a pretty trivial exercise. There are of course many ways to construct it. But I want to keep in mind reproducibility and either robustness or ease of replacement.   To begin I am just using stuff laying around the shop. To begin I grabbed a section pegboard, some pink foam and some roof flashing. Looking at a variety of boards it quickly becomes clear that constructing everything in 5's is the way to go. So I took the foam (We had 2") and cut a bunch of 1" wide strips ...
Jude Dornisch


Posted by Jude Dornisch Mar 27, 2011
I've decided to use this blog as an extended hackers notebook. I'll take from here for the more or less formal documentation.   I'll be much more involved in the fabrication then any thing else. It is the guerilla learning that can take place in the building that interests me the most. Anyone with kids or teaches kids realizes the connection that hands and hearts and heads have. Engaging more then one of them in the learning process is a logarithmic advance. I don't know how many times kid ...