I've decided to use this blog as an extended hackers notebook. I'll take from here for the more or less formal documentation.


I'll be much more involved in the fabrication then any thing else. It is the guerilla learning that can take place in the building that interests me the most. Anyone with kids or teaches kids realizes the connection that hands and hearts and heads have. Engaging more then one of them in the learning process is a logarithmic advance. I don't know how many times kids have asked me to help them with experiments. While kids show this connection most clearly it is basic to our human nature. Engaging the head through the hands works for everyone. With the head and hands engaged you can touch the heart and with luck engender real passion.


I expect to work on a wide variety of fabrication methods. To show that there is no single correct way and to develop a tool kit of technics that can be used in a variety of situations.


As I start I'm expecting to construct at least four general types of boards. The proof of concept board, The Home Depot board, The let the kids do it board, and the dumpster dive board. There will be equivalent versions of the components also.


Any Ideas, criticisms and other comments are more then welcome.