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With several boards done or in process it is time to work on moving parts.   In general translating the 10x motion to 1x seems like a pointless endeavour. Rotary motion translates easily but up and down left and right not so much. There should also be a level of robustness that is not as necessary for static parts.   So I'll just build working switches instead of embedding any components.   A eight switch dip.   Starting with a dip I decided to try some vacuum forming, mo ...
Jude Dornisch

Making the Board

Posted by Jude Dornisch Apr 18, 2011
Probably the most tedious and mundane task in the entire project is the construction of the solder-less breadboard itself. This is only important in that it will be the job most likely to devolve to the instructor. You can get enthusiastic help constructing the 10x components. But that enthusiasm wanes quickly when talking about hundreds of tie points. So when constructing the board I am trying to keep in mind not only the wide availability of materials, but also the ease of construction.   ...
Jude Dornisch

It Works !!!

Posted by Jude Dornisch Apr 11, 2011
We had our Maker Faire over the weekend. We thought it a good time to present the project to a wider audience. A photo resister, a phone handset speaker some caps ,a 555 and we had a simple circuit to demos. It had to be simple because getting ready for the event cut into any time we had to work on the project.   I'm psyched and pumped.   We had the circuit setup on the board with a couple of  real size boards and components next to it. The  idea being we could get people to ...
Jude Dornisch

Saturday build

Posted by Jude Dornisch Apr 3, 2011
Yesterday was set up as a build day. A chance to get members outside of the core team a chance to participate and get their feedback.   I decided to work on an eight switch Dip. Translating motion from inch to a tenth of an inch for switches seems a bit pointless so no part embedding will be done. I'm just going to build a switch. For the first cut I hacked out the switch face in cardboard. Cutting some coat hangers for the pins and pushed them threw a foam body. For the sliders I de ...