Yesterday was set up as a build day. A chance to get members outside of the core team a chance to participate and get their feedback.

Picture 024.jpg


I decided to work on an eight switch Dip.

Picture 018.jpg

Translating motion from inch to a tenth of an inch for switches seems a bit pointless so no part embedding will be done. I'm just going to build a switch.

For the first cut I hacked out the switch face in cardboard. Cutting some coat hangers for the pins and pushed them threw a foam body. For the sliders I decided to vacuum form them from milk jugs,Picture 009.jpg

The lashed up rig worked well enough and did the job. But I've decided to abandon that and just mold them from polymer clay or some other material.


It also became clear that our open builds for the public will have to have a bit more structure then I thought. While I always anticipated using these build as an opportunity to teach electronic components and soldiering, the need to teach about fabrication became clear.