With several boards done or in process it is time to work on moving parts.


In general translating the 10x motion to 1x seems like a pointless endeavour. Rotary motion translates easily but up and down left and right not so much. There should also be a level of robustness that is not as necessary for static parts.


So I'll just build working switches instead of embedding any components.


switchA eight switch dip.


Starting with a dip I decided to try some vacuum forming, mostly because I've never tried it before. I had lots of milk jugs laying around for another project Front  (my semi-submergible cow-headed sea-monster milk carton boat).



Vacuum Q&DSo I built a mini-former.




SlidersIt makes acceptable switch covers but I'll probably abaondon it because it seems a bit to involved for my self imposed build it anywhere limit. Molded or carved buttons and switches. But we will see.