Although the Challenge is over the project goes on. I'll be updating this blog as time goes on at least until the next challenge.


The Big Board was a success. It was also a lot of fun. I did however get diverted into using just found material in order to make the project as widely buildable as possible. Now I'm going to concentrate on a higher quality process. Both with the board and with the components.


I currently have three new boards in the works.


First is a furniture grade wood board/coffee table. I expect I will make the components out of various hardwoods also. I'll achieve visual separation by using different woods.


Next is a what I call a suburban school district version. This will essentially be the basic breadboard on a whiteboard but in a much more refined version.


Finally I am working on a plastic cast version. The Idea is to work everything out so that it could be jobbed out. This version will rely much more on automating the processes.


While I have every intention of keeping the blog updated. Don't be surprised if the post are monthly at best.