In 2007 the “Friends of DTSS” last updated a project they initiated years ago to build a DTSS Emulator to revive the 1964 version of the Dartmouth College Dartmouth Time-Sharing System. Their emulator closely mimicked the DTSS’ behavior and implemented the BASIC and ALGOL programming languages. The emulator can be downloaded here:


2014 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the BASIC programming language. The Glenside Color Computer Club themed their 24th Annual “Last” CoCoFEST!, to be held in April 2015, “Back to BASICs”. To celebrate BASIC’s anniversary (plus 1) I decided to build my own DTSS Simulator to mimic the 2007 Emulator. The major difference between the 2007 emulator and my simulator is that if I understood correctly the 2007 Emulator used actual 1964 machine language code that implemented BASIC. The GA-235 environment was emulated within this application and the BASIC binary was run against it. My simulator is simply that, a simulator that is its own BASIC language interpreter as defined in the DTSS BASIC language documentation. My simulator behaves similarly to the original DTSS system environment. The accompanying documentation details this further.


My simulator for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 is available here:


Download both files and run the setup.exe file. It was a blast for me to write this simulator. I hope you enjoy this highly advanced 1964 tech<g>.


If you are into retro computing, vintage computer systems or would like to support the community that keeps our computing heritage alive, drop by the next CoCoFEST! You can check out highlights from last year's CoCoFEST! at the following links or in the 2015 March issue of Nuts & Volts:

The 23rd Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!


Check out the Glenside Color Computer Club website referenced above for precise details.





Edit: I removed Win XP compatibility. The app generated an error when I tried to run it in XP. I thought I had tested it previously on this Windows version.