Over the holidays, we had a unique opportunity.  Dave Jones of EEVBlog was going on a walkabout and offered to show guest videos.  He selected 12 videos to release one at a time each day he was gone.  We were lucky enough to have our video selected.


For our video, we did a retro 8-Bit build.  At the same time, we elected to do a parody of Dave set back in 1978.  It was a lot of fun.  The build was originally inspired by Ben Hecks Super Solder Atari 2600.  But the wiring results were waaaaaayyyyy different.


To build the 8-Bit computer, we partnered with a great guy from the UK named Grant Searle.


Here's his website:  Grant's 6502 computer


Grant was so kind to answer our questions.  We pretty much became pen-pals throughout the build.  I was glad, though, that I was able to contribute.  I found an oscillator with sharp enough edges on its rise to eliminate a chip and some capacitors around his original clock design making it the smallest number of chips possible (to date).


If you have a sense of humor and know Dave, check out the video on the EEVBlog channel to see how we built the 8-bit retro computer and have a little fun at Dave's expense.  The build was original inspired by Ben Hecks Super Solder Atari 2600.


At the end of the video, Dave links to our Element14.com Project 14 Challenge video from November and the "Making of Young Dave" video.




See ya',