Dixon Selvan is a Programmer Analyst at Cognizant in Tamil Nadu, India. He did his Bachelors in Engineering in the field of Electronics and Communication. His Childhood was a period where new and powerful technologies were emerging and the updates about them reached him slowly, given the fact that he had no internet or computer at his disposal. This had let him gain most of his knowledge from books and his teachers. His imagination power to build technologies which are practically impossible, like his project on bringing the capability of recording and transmitting smell information through videos, usually came through the cartoons he had watched on television! This project which goes by the name Odor Detector was his first fully completed project in April 2016. This project concept has won him a GR-Kaede board in the GR Kaede Design Contest India 2015  sponsored by EFY and Renesas in September 2015. He was literally addicted to video game consoles (primitives of play station) in his childhood which laid down the foundation for his interest towards Electronics. When presented with an RC Car or any toy with electronics, he would usually try to grasp the mechanics and electronics of the toy. Disassembling and reassembling them back was his favorite pastime.


     Unaware of his interest in Electronics, he tried to enter the Medical world. But with the grades acquired in Biology at high school, the best option he had was to pursue his career in Engineering and that too in the field of Electronics and Communication. Which he later realized was a correct decision. "Change is the only thing that never changes". Like this quote, he had to again shift his career track into the Information Technology field. Thanks to Element14, he is back into Electronics as his part-time. He has the youtube channel - Dixon Selvan with 8K+ total views. All the videos in the channel are the works he has done in Element14!


Journey in Element14:


Below is a consolidation of his activities in Element14. [Updated as of April 02, 2018]  Updated


Design Challenge applications3

IoT on Wheels Design Challenge

Pi Chef Design Challenge

Design for a Cause - Design Challenge

Design Challenge participated2

IoT on Wheels Design Challenge  - Traffic Predictor - Won the Grand Prize

Design for a Cause - Design Challenge - Cue system for Anosmia and Smart Wheelchair - In Progress

Roadtest applications8
Roadtest reviews4

Cypress PSoC® 6 BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) - Review

Digilent ARTY S7 Dev Board (Xilinx Spartan 7) - Review

NXP I.MX RT1050 EV KIT and Display - Review


Note: All the above 3 roadtest applications were selected after the webinar on How to write a winning roadtest application by Randall Scasny


Cool Tools:  Pen Type Digital Multimeter - Review

Project 14 participated1Cool LED Display - DIY LED Ferris Wheel - Won $50 as a Gift to Give from Dale Winhold - Announcement - Click here

Is it possible to transport humans and things through air?

Electricity over the air

Is it possible to transmit and receive smell?

Is there a way to upgrade NOOBS preloaded in SD Card using Raspberry Pi 3B without flashing SD Card?

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