Self Adhesive Patch PT100 Sensor - Type PRTAlthough thermocouple assemblies are primarily tip sensing devices, the use of protection tubes (sheaths) renders surface sensing impractical. Physically, the probe

does not lend itself to surface presentation and stem conduction would cause reading errors. If a thermocouple is to be used reliably for surface sensing, it must be in either exposed, welded junction form with very small thermal mass or be housed in a construction which permits true surface contact whilst attaching to the surface. Locating a thermocouple on a surface can be achieved in various ways including the use of an adhesive patch, a washer and stud, a magnet for ferrous metals and pipe clips.


Below are a few examples:


Thermocouple housed in a washer eyelet

Leaf Thermocouple mounted on a stainless steel shim

Sensor encapsulated in a waterproof silicone rubber patch


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