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Buck up Young Person

Posted by chriswhite May 27, 2015
A listener wrote in to the show   Hello from Sweden! Thanks for a great podcast! I just found your show a couple of days ago and I love it, you guys are great! To the point, I'm doing my first year as an electrical engineering student, at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.  And I'm wondering; if you could give me just one advice to carry with me during my coming years in school, what would that be? Thanks! / DK   We decided to give two different answers to this que ...

Changes in Tinkering

Posted by chriswhite May 18, 2015
Posted by Elecia White. Two years ago, Jen Costillo, Star Simpson, and I put together a panel about how to start tinkering in your garage, specifically how to do engineering without company budgets. I recorded the session and made noises about starting a podcast on embedded software (this took place at the 2013 DesignWest embedded systems conference in San Jose, CA).   A few people followed, truly interested in a show about embedded software. Who would listen? Well, it turns out, many ...
This post was written by chriswhite.   In last article I posted here (“Be Excellent to Each Other”) I wrote about how a little compassion and respect for the future can make a big difference for code quality. I purposely avoided many specifics to focus more on the motivations for taking greater care with our work. This week, I’d like to address something very specific and perhaps something that could form a foundation for writing better code. On last week’s ep ...