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Error Handling

Posted by chriswhite Aug 25, 2015
Written by Elecia White.   On Episode 112 (My Brain Is My Resource), Chris and I briefly answered a listener question about how to handle errors. Our response went something along the lines of “bubble errors up to wherever the system is intelligent enough to handle them.”   This answer was not very actionable and the question of effective error handling is a good one so we dug into it more on Episode 114 with Andrei Chichak (Wild While Loops). Let’s start with some ...

Conference Musings

Posted by chriswhite Aug 19, 2015
Written by Elecia White. I recently attended a conference I wasn’t happy with. It got me to thinking about conferences, why I attend them, and what I want out of future ones.   I primarily attend conferences to learn things and to meet people. The things I want to learn fall into four groups: Learn something in more depth than I can get from an online video or article (but not in so much depth as a book) Acquire new ideas, one I’ve never seen before, such as new technology ...