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Now: In the State of Mourning!

Hello from The Philippines! Sadly, my dad has died! His obituary is now online. And my integrity is about to explode.

The Potential Shattering of My Hobbies...

As I write this message, I am thinking of the fate of my hobbies, especially my technical ones. I have already came to the conclusion that I will never have a ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, nor a software-defined radio (SDR), nor a new single-board computer.

Death of My Raspberry Pi

Last mid-June, I accidently fried (excessive overvoltage) my Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB single-board computer. Then, I thought I was going to get a BeagleBone Green Wireless as a replacement, but never happened. Because I no longer have a Raspberry Pi, I can no longer do any Raspberry Pi projects.

The Limits of My BeagleBone Black

Thanks to Mr fustini, I have the 2GB version of the BeagleBone Black. I also have the SpeakJet Cape. I have been wishing for additional capes, but since I'm in Philippines, those wishes faded away. Too many people are doing great projects with their BeagleBone Black, but I can not do them, such as ESP8266 and SDR projects. I recently soldered a LM35 sensor to my SpeakJet Cape to have local temperature readings. That is all the projects I can do with my BeagleBone Black, I have no other projects to do.

I Hate Being Disabled!

Over the past six (6) years, too many people believe I just say I'm "disabled" just to get free stuff. On some websites, people consider me a scam artist. I have seen all of the negative messages about me, and have been thinking of quitting my hobbies to make all of those haters happy. Most of the products that has been donated to me, are collecting dust.

  • Both of my feet are in extreme pain, mostly when I lay down to rest or sleep. I limp when I walk because I am in pain. Sometimes I fall down because my ankle gives up. I have trouble walking up and down stairs. I use prescription and non-prescription painkiller medicines, but have very little effect. I am unable to have a decent sleep because of the pain in my feet. My right foot is much more painful than my left foot.
  • Both of my hands have arthritis pain. Frequently, I mistype due to mis-firing of my fingers/digits.  Often, I use my digital graphics tablet, instead of mouse, to ease the pain. I frequently use a stylus with of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for the same reason. My wishes for a Samsung Galaxy Note have faded away.

Now that my dad has died and the fact that many people don't believe I am disabled, I am now planning on quitting many or all of my hobbies, especailly my technical ones.

Why I Post in element14 Community

In mid-February 2014, when I learned of my dad just had two strokes, back-to-back, I started feeling sad. This was the peak of my blog posts into element14 Community.  In addition, I started feeling arthritis pain in my hands from working with electronic semiconductors, solderless breadboards, stuffing stripboards and soldering components. The depression of not being able to talk to my dad and the arthritis in my hands, convinced me to delete my original posts and exist from element14 Community.

Why did I delete & exit?

My dad is the one responsible for getting me into computers and electronics in 1983. When my dad became a speechless stroke patient, I felt more depressed seeing my blog posts, including my successful ones. I opted to "lay low" as I endure depression.

Potential Visit to Seattle?

As of this writing, I am still undecisive about visiting Seattle to see my dad's body before he is cremated. Though I have very little connections in the USA, there is not much to convince myself to travel despite I am unfit to travel alone. I don't know any Linux geeks in Seattle. I don't know any electronics hobbyists in Seattle.

Thanks for Reading!

Nowadays, I am not posting as much as I used to. Thanks for Reading and Have a Nice Day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda