The Japanese Ministry of Self-Defense went to the geek capitol of Akihabara, a section of Tokyo, to source parts for this "reconnaissance drone." In its current form, it can travel 40 mph for up to 8 minutes. Since the drone if built inside of a protective sphere, it can withstand the sudden impact of drop after losing power. 8 separate fins around the sphere control the direction, and it seems to handle quick turns very well. The 42cm, diameter, drone weighs only 350 grams with all the components and onboard camera. All the parts, collectively, cost approximately $975 USD.


The simplicity, low cost, and versatility of this drone is sure to inspire more and better version. Add thin-cell solar to the roll cage, increase the battery size, and these things will be everywhere. On one hand, these could be used to watch and control people. On the other, they could keep people safe, guide them through cities, or lead them to locations. Either way, I'm all for them.