Inside a non-transparent box that is moving, one may feel secure. Ignorance is bliss. But placed in a clear box that is moving, impending doom could be seen. Airbus wants to make a clear box airplane for the future. Much like the observation car on a train, a section of the new airplane will be mostly transparent showing the entirety of the outside. The ability to look straight ahead into the direction of the plane will show objects approaching at whatever speed the plane is moving. 700 mph bugs and birds hitting the windshield, in other words. Though ambitious as it seems, it most likely will not happen in the same way shown above.


The body heat absorbing seats seems a little useless, when coating the entire plane is solar active cells would produce so much more. I do hope to see the holographic display that floats in mid air. Who knows what 2050 will hold, the projected release date for the plane form Airbus.