Self taught, Terry Hope has made his own solar power generating electric bicycle. Hope fitted the stock Specialized FRS 18 speed bike with a front grill and windshield for mounting eighteen 6"x6" mono crystalline sollar cells. Approximately 4 watt (@ 8.7v) output on each cell. Totaling 72 watts if all conditions are ideal. A 24V motor controller moves the 1 HP motor at the core of the project. Batteries are 6s1p 5000mah LIPO as the main, and two 4s1p LIPO 5000mah as "booster packs" which are wired in series. I assume he uses the "boosters" to overdrive the motor. Across the handle bars are several buttons used to turn the solar on or off for direct use, button for the booster, and the all important red E-stop. Hope added toggles to use solar for battery charging.


The motor itself drives the main sprocket. As with most multi-speed bicycles, the pedals are not engaged by the motor. The drive system is very unique compared to other electric bicycles. However, this is not ready for mass production. It is still very much a labor of love. I like the smaller electric bicycle Hope has made more than the 18 speed, see his launch page.


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