Why  does every electric car that boasts a world record range on a single  charge always looks like it is from an ugly Buck Rogers future?


Buck Rogers Rocket Ship (left)  Bluebird EV capable of 500 mph (Right)



Schluckspecht E (left) and with the Schluckspecht Team (right)  (via Team Schluckspecht)

Team  Schluckspecht just barely does away with the outer-space fairing look  with their new world record holding electric vehicle (EV), the  "Schluckspecht E" or "Boozer E" in English. On a single charge the EV  travelled 1,013.8 miles (1,631.5 km) over a span of 36 hours and 12  minutes. The efficiency comes from taking as much mass out of the EV's  chassis, only having one seat, and evenly dividing the power demand  equally between 14 individual lithium-cobalt batteries. Drive in applied  directly via two motors, one on each front wheel, which does away with a  transmission. However, the team did not break any land-speed records.  The Boozer could only reach 28 mph (45 km/h). The test took place at the Bosch corporate race track in Boxberg, Germany.


I  would stomach driving this EV if it could go 65 mph. I am sure much of  the range will be lost adding a transmission, but it would still best  every EV available today.