(via AP Photo/Paul Sancya)


Two of my favorite car companies have partnered together, Ford and Toyota, to work on my favorite drive topology, rear-wheel drive, with everyone's favorite engine system, the hybrid.


● The partnership sets the two companies on equal footing in an effort to create and advanced hybrid system for rear-wheel drive light trucks and SUVs.

● The goal is to deliver greater fuel efficiency while not compromising the performance of the vehicles.

● The team will also work towards developing the next-generation standards for in vehicle internet and digital communication systems.

● Ford and Toyota pledge to deliver the new tech within the coming decade.


I like where their minds are at. However, I would like to see this same hybrid RWD system come to consumer and sport cars. I believe I am not the only one. Perhaps market demand with usher in a new revival for RWD. We can only hope.