Evatran is bringing wireless electric vehicle charging technology to two new entities through its Apollo Program, with Google and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power joining the ranks. Since early 2012, Evatran has been working with commercial partners to introduce its Plugless Power wireless charging to people across the country. Installations have been done for Hertz, Duke Energy and the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. The second phase of the program starts in early 2013 and will include SPX Service Solutions.




Google and LADWP are testing the Plugless Power wireless chargers on Nissan Leafs. Evatran says these are the first passenger EVs in the world with full wireless charging capability. Some of the charging stations in the Apollo Program have been in place for five months now and early driver feedback has led to increased system reliability and improvements in communications between vehicles and the charging stations.


"We've received invaluable and candid feedback from our partners, and armed with that feedback, we have now set our sights on releasing an upgraded and refined production product as early as January 2013," said Rebecca Hough, Evatran's chief operating officer. Evatran is working to incorporate these enhancements into its production Plugless Power residential charging station.


Google has been involved in first-generation wireless charging at its campus since March 2011. LADWP's installation is part of the Garage of the Future initiative, and integrates with solar panels, energy storage batteries and other types of EV charging in downtown Los Angeles.


Via AutoB