There's a need for more automotive safety. It's a fact. And it's driving the adoption of radar-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Radar has been used primarily in premium-line vehicles and forward facing radar applications due to system restrictions, bill of material costs and physical size. The Qorivva MPC577xK family delivers a solution that helps to move radar into mainstream vehicles and other satellite radar nodes, in addition to the forward facing radar node.

The Qorivva MPC577xK family of 32-bit MCUs, built on Power Architecture® technology, provides high levels of digital and analog integration and performance within a single chip for next-generation radar-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).


Here's a interesting article from Electronic Design News presenting new ADAS targeted MCU and a multi-channel three-chip set for the 77-GHz Rx/Tx/VCO function for in-car radar.