Earlier this year we released some insightful research about the future of internet connected technology in a report called Engineering a Connected World, based on a survey of 3,500 consumers across the globe.


While the report makes for interesting reading, we found some of the most topical elements were around one industry – automotive.


The automotive industry is in a state of flux at the moment. Connectivity has virtually conquered our personal computing devices, our working lives, and is entering the home, but it’s at a relatively early stage in transportation.


Huge tech players like Apple and Google are currently investing heavily in the area, and with the pressures of safety and environmental impact, it’s clear that the future of automotive technology holds a lot of change, away from the standard analogue combustion engine.


Our new report, Engineering a Connected World: Connected Cars and the Future of Automotive, delves into what that future looks like through the prism of consumer expectation. What do people want from their automotive technology, and what does that mean for the engineers potentially building it?


Learn more about the study by downloading the report below, in English, Chinese, French or German.