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  There it was, 7,000 feet up in the sky, snapping photographs of the Iraqi landscape when it looked like it should have been slaking the illicit thirst of underage soldiers. But now the Army reports that the program that gave us a drone known as the ‘Flying Beer Keg’ is all tapped out. No need to cry though as the Miami-Dade police department has purchased a T-Hawk drone from the military contractor, Honeywell, and is now awaiting FAA approval to operate it in domestic airspace ...
Uh-oh, a new challenger to our boys at Cambridge. With a blistering speed of almost 56 mph Sunswift Ivy, a solar-powered car made by students at the University of New South Wales, has become a Guinness world record holder. The speed was significantly faster than the previous record of 40 mph. The milestone is for cars powered exclusively by silicon solar cells. IVy normally uses its cells to charge a 25kg battery, but this was removed for the record attempt. The Sunswift IVy is car that is t ...

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