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  Could ‘talking cars’ save lives? Auto companies are developing safety systems using advanced Wi-Fi signals and GPS systems that could allow vehicles to communicate with each other on the road. The cars could then send messages to warn their drivers about potential crashes. Ford Motor Co. is demonstrating the technology at the Washington Auto Show in the nation's capital. The technology sends out multiple messages per second about the vehicle's location, speed, brakes and steer ...
RAF fighter pilot Andy Green intends to get behind the wheel of a new concept car that will push him forward at an astounding 1000mph. The car, called ‘Bloodhound’, is powered by a rocket bolted onto a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine which should provide enough thrust to grab the land speed record. The car also uses several Intel Atom processors in the cockpit that handles all the telemetry and diagnostic readouts. The Bloodhound is currently in a preliminary construction stage and sh ...

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