Changes in industrial communications today are creating what some call a revolution in manufacturing automation. Key to these changes is Industrial Ethernet, which adds deterministic delivery, time-triggered support, greater distances and safer, more reliable operation to the advantages of traditional Ethernet. Owing to the many proprietary implementations of Industrial Ethernet, as well as legacy serial protocols, silicon and software solutions must provide a basic compatible technology that enables ease of design and promotes across-the-board communications.


Through semiconductor innovation, industrial customers can look forward to the advantages of speed, safety, efficiency and flexibility brought by advanced network communications.


Whether the new age of industrial automation is revolutionary, as some say, or simply a significant evolutionary advance, it is nonetheless bringing in an important new stage in equipment communications. Using Industrial Ethernet, factories are increasing the volume and variety of output while operating more safely and energy-efficiently.

Other areas such as transportation, automotive systems, power distribution and building installations are also benefiting from the same communications technology. As industrial communications start to move forward at a revolutionary pace, TI technology is significantly adding to the momentum.


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Thomas Leyrer

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