I have been in industrial maintenance for 35 years, working on electrical controls for over 30 years. I design, build and repair controls, build automation machinery, perform OSHA updates, retrofit existing machinery, design and build controls for machines customers build in-house or purchase without controls.


I am now operating Aabeck Controls LLC in Westland, Michigan performing services all over the Detroit metropolitan area and southeastern Michigan. I have done service in Ontario, Canada in the past but due to visa requirements lately I no longer service Canada. I have mostly worked on industrial and automotive machinery, but also have experience in quite a few other areas. I also have been programming old PLC's I have acquired for home automation, holiday lights and even one for modifying the operation of all the exterior lights on a SUV - so they work the way I want them (as in don't turn off the low beam headlamps when the high beams are turned on) and add a light show function for when it is parked or at a show or exhibit.


I perform emergency service 24/7, can do online diagnostics and programming through TeamViewer.


Contact me at (313) 283-7140 or email aabeck@comcast.net