UPS collaborated with Workhorse to put some electric truck on the roads, as part of UPS’ eco-friendly goal. (UPS electric car via UPS)


Recently, UPS, a leading company in logistics, announced that it will shortly put fifty trucks electrically powered on the roads of Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The trucks are born from a collaboration between the mail delivery company and Workhorse, a technology-oriented company invested in “sustainable and cost-effective solutions” for the transportation industry. In addition to costing the same as the company’s conventional trucks, UPS’ new trucks are designed to not pollute the environment. The drivers of the electric trucks can also rely on one hundred miles of driving and delivery before the truck’s next charge. Carlton Rose, the VP of global fleet maintenance and engineering at UPS explained that the company planned to use the trucks by day and charge them at night.


According to Workhorse, the new electric automobiles are designed at the front to look like cabs; yet, the back has also its advantages. It is easy to imagine that this new version will be a lot more pleasant to drive. The entire structure of the car is not just efficient, but it is also lighter than most vehicles of the same size which could explain why the trucks are quieter as well. The new breed of delivery trucks is said to present a fuel efficiency four times superior to that of the old trucks.


From testing the vehicles in various cities, Workhorse hopes to collect enough information to improve the vehicles in order to improve their performance during delivery. The new and improved trucks should be here in the next year. This new collaboration between the two companies represents a giant step toward reaching UPS’ goal of reducing its carbon footprint by twelve percent 2025. Part of its mastermind to reach the goal, UPS is also considering adding one hundred and twenty-five electric trucks from Tesla motors. The company plans on replacing more than a thousand of its trucks in New York. According to the fleet numbers UPS revealed, the company could definitely replace about 25% of the operation vehicles to be zero emission.


Overall, it seems obvious that UPS and Workhorse are starting a new era in the industry of logistics. Their cooperation certainly gives permission to others to embrace the green movement. The benefits range from lower operating costs to healthier living conditions for all on the blue planet. Given the partnerships UPS continue to build, there is no doubt the company will take all necessary action to reach its goals.


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