Tokyo's organizing committee for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) has announced the launch of its Tokyo 2020 Robot Project. The programmes aim is to deliver the most innovative games to date and to ensure visitors have the experience of a lifetime. The project is supported by experts of robotics, Japan's Cabinet Secretariat, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Panasonic Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation and Tokyo 2020.


Spectators can also watch the Tokyo 2020 Games in a comfortable setting due in large part to the Human Support Robot and Delivery Support Robot designed by Toyota. The goal is to provide assistance to viewers in wheelchairs at the Olympic Stadium by delivering food, acting as a guidance system for those looking for their seats and providing information on the events. More robots will be available to perform additional tasks during the Olympic Games, with details announced at a later date. The whole idea is to use robotic technology to provide a safer and smoother experience during the 2020 Games. Even though the robots will be used for specific roles, the project gives the opportunity to showcase robots for everyday life in a variety of different applications.


How the robots can assist those in wheelchairs during the Olympic Games. (Image Credit: Toyota)

The leader of the robot project, Hirohisa Hirukawa believes the Olympic Games are a unique opportunity for the company to showcase Japanese robotics. The project will be about showing their ability to help people in real life. So there will not only be sporting events to look forward to, but there will also be some pretty interesting robots at work.


As the first Paralympic Worldwide Partner in Japan, Panasonic will contribute to the Tokyo 2020 games through their solutions. They believe their robot technology will have a positive impact on all people, regardless of any disability they have and to society, in hopes of providing a bigger and better service in the future. Especially for later generations.


Toyota also hopes to provide mobility access to everyone during the Olympic Games, and they have developed many different mobility solutions, including robots. They believe the robots will help viewers in wheelchairs, making it more accessible to them without any restrictions and to help them reel in the excitement of the Games as they're ongoing.


General Manager Masaaki Komiya believes showcasing robots in the Olympic Games will also introduce a new way to enjoy the Games and will provide viewers with the opportunity to experience the presence of the robots, adding a much different and newer style to the games.


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