Boston Dynamics' robotic strength is admirable. In the robotic firm's latest YouTube post, "Mush, Spot Mush!" posted on April 16th, a set of ten specialized Spotmini quadrupedal robots titled Spotpower can be seen hauling off a full-sized box truck across the companies parking lot at a one-degree ascent. The pack of robots will be made available to the public, but the price is uncertain.


The ten SpotMinis hauling a truck in Boston Dynamics' parking lot. (Image Credit: Boston Dynamics)

The robots are 0.84 meters high and each weight 30kg, with a payload of 14kg, packed with 17 joints and loaded with a 3D vision system. They can also climb stairs and even walk across a number of different terrains. SpotMinis are a frequent feature of Boston Dynamics. Their robot was featured last year, showing off its ability to dance to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronon and Bruno Mars. The dance moves are powered by specific mobility features and sensors loaded on the robot, helping it with navigation and its mobility. Spot, the robot's predecessor also has some unique features. Spot can navigate around buildings in a construction zone and map it out, making it useful for construction companies.


SpotMini is also an all-electric robot that can last for up to 90 minutes on a full charge, depending on how busy the robot is. It's the quietest robot ever developed by the company. Boston Dynamics also says the robot will be available to the public soon in a wide range of applications that can be used in the workplace.

Manipulators have also been fitted onto the robot to allow it's body to stay intact and immovable while the arm on its back grasps and manipulates objects. Multiple construction companies are also in the process of testing out the SpotMini.


Construction companies aren't the only ones testing out the robot. Police departments like the Massachusetts State Police are also taking advantage of the robot by testing out its dynamics by using its arm to open a door and move through a room. This can be useful for certain hostage situations.


Before SpotMini is made available to the public, a robotic arm meant for warehouse used, named Pick, will be on the market. This robot can lift boxes and move them around to their destination with ease.



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