On May 7th 2019, Mack Trucks unveiled their long-awaited Mack LR battery electric vehicle (BEV) during the WasteExpo 2019 event. Coupling both the refuse design of the Mack LR model with an electric Mack drivetrain, the prototype will begin demonstrations in the busy streets of the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY).


Mack's electrically powered truck has many advantages that will make them a welcome addition. (Image Credit: Mack)


The Mack LR BEV runs on Mack's integrated electric powertrain made up of two 130-kW motors that produce a maximum 496 horsepower and 4,051 lb.-ft. of torque generated from zero RPM. Power is transmitted through a two-speed Mack Powershift transmission and set on the ground via Mack's S522R 52,000-lb. rear axles. It also comes bundled with a copper-colored Bulldog hood ornament, giving an impression of its electric prowess.


Each one of the LR BEV's components is all powered by 12V 24V and 600V circuits, including the vehicles hydraulic systems for the Hell DuraPack 5000 body. Four of the vehicles NMC lithium-ion batteries (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) are also charged by a 150kW, SAE J1772 charging system.


DSNY is the first and largest customer of Mack to test the first LR BEV vehicle in the real world. With over 10,000 employees collecting over 12,000 tonnes of recyclable trash each day, DSNY is the world's largest sanitation company. DSNY's focus is creating programs intended to help reduce trash pileup in landfills, and they also specialize in cutting down on emissions. Both New York and DSNY are world leaders when testing the newest technology and making an impact on lessening their environmental footprint.


While electric vehicle technology and supporting infrastructure continually advance, refuse and recycling collection is ideal for BEVs due to their ability to deliver the best value and qualitative results to customers. The vehicles run on routes that have already been mapped out for them, returning home during their off shift.


This helps to reduce issues with range and gives them a location to charge, if and when the vehicles run out of power. Regenerative braking systems have also been installed in every BEV, allowing the vehicles to harness energy again, making it useful for a vehicle that makes thousands of stops each shift.


Electrically powered trucks like the Mack LR BEV all have many advantages that lessen the impact it has on the environment, such as zero emissions and improved sustainability. They also create less noise, which invites the trucks to operate at nighttime, making it more convenient for the environment.



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