Boston Dynamics recently made the Spot robot’s SDK available to the public. (Image Credit: Boston Dynamics)


Robot and programmer enthusiasts who aspire to develop on advanced robotic systems will be given the chance to work on Boston Dynamics’ four-legged dog bot, Spot. Spot is capable of opening doors, helping out with housework tasks, and navigating around complex areas. The robotics company has announced they have released Spot’s SDK to the public and anyone interested in taking a look at the software can check it out on GitHub


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Boston Dynamics says making the SDK open to everyone will allow a range of developers and non-traditional roboticists to communicate with the bot and develop a wide range of applications that can enable Spot to carry out new tasks. Even though the possibilities for new applications are endless, it does come with some limitations.


In order to acquire a robot to execute the code, a developer will need to become part of Boston Dynamics’ Early Adopter Program. While anyone interested can view the SDK, only existing early adopters can open source their own code for the Spot robot. The robot company also promises to keep the SDK updated as they add capabilities with new software releases.


Boston Dynamics has also announced its first- user conference, Actuate, which will take place on May 12-13 in Boston, Massachusetts. The aim of this event is to bring together software developers, Spot sensor providers, and end-users for two days of workshops, presentations, and networking events aimed towards putting Spot to work around the world. However, the Actuate 2020 event is invite-only for current ecosystem members. Anyone interested in attending future events will need to become an early adopter. 


“Spot’s early adopters have had robots in hand and on-site for a few months now, and we’re seeing an early adopter community come together to build solutions on the platform,” said Boston Dynamics VP of Business Development Michael Perry. “There’s no better way to facilitate getting customers the tools they need to create exciting new applications for the robot than connecting the already vibrant and creative community already leveraging Spot.”


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