The Sack-Shooter is a useful and fun device that allows the wearer to shoot out a plastic bag from their wrist. (Image Credit: Tsukasa-3D)


On July 1st, convenience stores in Japan began charging customers for plastic bags.  To avoid additional charges, customers will need to take their own bags. Since it adds a new routine in their daily lives, people may start forgetting to bring them. To make it easier, Twitter user Tsukasa-3D created a device called the “Sack-Shooter.” This device follows the same concept used in the Spider-Man movies. In those films, Peter Parker develops devices worn on his wrist known as web-shooters.


I have to say... this is what 3D printers are all about - custom designed components/machines.


Tsukasa Hattori, a graduate student and designer, uploads videos of his creation on his YouTube Channel, sharing the latest information on DIY manufacturing. Using a 3D printer, Tsukasa designed and developed the “Sack-Shooter,” a wearable gadget that shoots out plastic bags from the wearer’s wrist. All the user has to do is load it with plastic bags, shoot it out, and everyone will think they’re Spider-Man going shopping.


Ever since he revealed the design for the Sack-Shooter, Tsukasa has made an improvement. The original design required the wearer to use their other hand to remove the bag once ejected from the device. In the updated version, the wearer can simply detach the bag using the same hand. 


Tsukasa’s creativity isn’t limited to just the Sack-Shooter. His YouTube Channel showcases a finger-shield, a device that allows the wearer to protect themselves while shopping.


Tsukasa is also open to donations for product design and development and creating working prototypes. If interested, you can direct message him on his Twitter account.


Pop out masks next?



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