Genesis’ logo was unveiled in an aerial light show by 3,281 drones. (Image Credit: Genesis)


On March 29th, Genesis announced its entry into China’s automotive market and broke a Guinness World Record in the process. The South Korean company made its mark by flying 3,281 drones that displayed its logo and the new G80 and GV80 car models in a spectacular light show, grabbing spectator’s attention in Shanghai, China. The aerial light show was produced to showcase Genesis’ brand identity and design philosophy.


Genesis’ show began with the formation of its crest grille. From there, the UAVs slowly produced patterns and blinked their LED lights to resemble that of a car’s headlights. After a few moments, it transformed into a car’s front-view and eventually turned into the G80 and GV80 car models.


The drones also formed the shapes of the new G80 and GV80 car models.. (Image Credit: Genesis)


Genesis earned a new Guinness World Record by flying 3,281 UAVs simultaneously. This new world record is a big boost from the previous one held by Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology, which flew 3,051 drones in September 2020. In turn, that broke an earlier record set by a flying fleet of 2,200 drones in Russia. Intel last claimed that record in July 2018 by flying 2,066 drones over Folsom, California.

These drones are controlled via software (like DroneShowSoftware) with presets that form the shapes. They also use anti-collision measures to prevent them from crashing into each other while producing animations. Genesis performed test run simulations to ensure the UAVs operate in a proper formation. This prevents losses from occurring due to accidents during trials. The software also implements a digital fence, keeping the drones in a specific area. Don’t want to bonk anyone in the head.


I would like to see some sort of standard come out for anyone who wants to perform drone shows. Thinking something like addressable LEDs. There is a lot of artists out there that could create something amazing from this sort of tech, not just giant advertisements.


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