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By Sujata Neidig


Wow! I can’t believe it’s 2012. Seems like just yesterday that  everyone was talking about Y2K. But, here we are, another year gone by  and another year to look forward to. For some, this is a time to make  new resolutions. For me, I will continue to focus on the things that I  am thankful for and that I feel are important for me and my family –  fitness and health. As I get older, I can’t take these for granted  anymore and being in the high tech industry means I’m always interested  in gadgets that help enable my efforts.


For fitness, cool gadgets like a heart rate monitor helped me achieve  my goal of running my first half marathon when I turned 40 (in fact,  I’ve now completed three and plan on doing more). At first, the heart  rate monitor was just a cool gadget, but I quickly realized how big of a  motivator it was for me when I started monitoring, tracking and  collecting all of my data, from my heart rate to my pace. So, this  gadget is helping me stay healthy and young so I can keep up with my  kids, take care of my family and hopefully encourage them to always be  active.


For health, I have blogged about dealing with Alzheimer’s as a caregiver for my father-in-law over a decade ago. I am now dealing with this  devastating disease again since my mother-in-law was officially  diagnosed with it last summer. I’ve also realized just how many people  this disease affects as several of my friends have loved ones with  Alzheimer’s. Although there is not a cure, it’s one of the many diseases  that I believe telehealth systems can help with.


3MillionLives: Telehealth Systems Impact


Other major diseases that affect an even larger population are diabetes and heart diseases. Recently, the results of a major study conducted in UK showed just how significant of an impact telehealth systems can have –  pretty impressive reductions in patient deaths (45%), emergency visits  (15%), emergency admissions (20%), elective admissions (14%), bed days  (14%) and tariff costs (8%). These results show that telehealth has a  beneficial impact on healthcare costs which is extremely important, but  it also shows that these types of systems help provide better care to  those struggling with health issues.


What advances do you envision for 2012? This article gives some high tech health ideas for 2012,  from mobile access to data and remote care to artificial intelligence  and 3D printing for medicine. I can see several of these help me in my  fitness and health efforts, such as social health networks. (All right, I  am intrigued by a wireless weight scale but not sure I’d want it to  share that data with my Facebook friends. :-) )

Happy (and Healthy) New Year!