Arduino robot used for promotion of RobotC (via RoboMatter)


Robotics and software coding can be daunting to a beginner, but software company RoboMatter works diligently to make these fields accessible to beginners and hobbyist. Their software is already compatible with LegoMindstorm and others platforms alike that aim at brining robotics to the main stream. Now, RobotC has announced they will expand their code to be compatible with one of the biggest development  board platform there is, Arduino.



RobotC has released a public BETA version of their code for Arduino. To use RobotC with your existing Arduino, the Arduino will have to be updated to version 3.12. Once this is done, the same version of RobotC is compatible with Arduino as well as NXT, Cortex. This new version will support the Diecimila, Duemilanove, MEGA 1280 and MEGA 2560 and UNO Arduino boards.



This BETA version is free for the public all summer long and can be downloaded from the RobotC website.