USB connected interactive plant (via AkihabaraNews & Keio University)


If the Japanese have not already created enough unusual devices, they have one more invention to add to their list. Researchers from Keio University have created plants that interact with their surroundings. The plants are programmed to show different emotions through their movements by using data collected from sensors. The movements that match with specific emotions were chosen by having many people show how they think a happy plant or an angry plant would move.



The plant sits in a square pot that would look like any other Japanese plant holder on the outside, but on the inside is where the plants mechanics and electronics lie. The plant moves by two stepper motors connected to its leaves and twigs by very thin cords. Additionally, it monitors its surroundings using a microphone and motion sensors. According to the input from the sensors the plant will move based on the movements it picks up and the tones it hears.



The Japanese were hoping to make plants seem more alive and have a greater presence in areas. They have conducted their research for almost a year now and have not had any plants die or wilt, although some research states otherwise. In the future, they look to bring bigger plants to life and possibly trees, they would like environments people travel through to be fully interactive. Technology may soon creep into every aspect of our surrounding world. (The world would hate us)


Video Via AkihabaraNews & partner