Double in action (via Double Robotics)


If  you are like me, visiting the L’Ouvre in Paris or the National Mall in D.C. is just not feasible, mostly due to the lack of funds. Soon, all I may need to do to catch a glimpse of such places will be to connect via Internet to one of Double Robotics’ iPad telepresence bots from the comfort of my home. Perhaps this glimpse will be the impetus to get me planning instead of making excuses or conversely, it may influence me to skip the office conference and participate from home.



Engineers David Cann and Marc DeVidts have come up with the first product for their company called The Double. The device is essentially a remotely controlled, segway-like transporting system for your iPad and it may soon find its regular place offices, galleries, malls and other public places all over the world.



The Double is a mobile iPad stand that can adjust its height to be at 60’’ or as low as 47’’. It uses gyroscopic and accelerometer readings along with dynamic sensor fusion algorithms to balance on its 10’’ base.



Internal rechargeable lithium ion batteries provide up to 8 hours of use and charge in 2 hours from a regular wall socket. When not in motion, it automatically deploys a kickstand that easily and securely supports the 15 lb weight of the Double plus iPad and saves power.



The user can control it from anywhere in the world using an iOS device or web browser with the free Double app. The app offers POV looks from all of your Doubles on one screen and intuitive controls for mobility and height adjustment. The app uses OpenTok service to make HQ iOS to iOS calls.



Currently, the double is limited by the iPads front facing camera and the lack of angular adjustment of the iPad bracket. Although modifications continue to be made, but the company is offering a $500 dollar discount ($1,999 total) for those who want to buy this first iteration of the Double. The first round has already sold out, but more Doubles will be shipped in early 2013.