Belkin's WeMo power outlet promotional image from CES 2013 (via Belkin)


Belkin’s WeMo line is becoming a line of products intended to integrate the “internet of things” into your home’s commonly used appliances. The WeMo power outlet plugs into a regular outlet and it allows you to control any appliance that you connect to it using your smartphone and Belkin’s WeMo app. Till recently, WeMo only functioned with iOS devices but at CES, Belkin announced that, along with a new WeMo light switch, Belkin will launch and Android app in 2013.


The WeMo light switch works the same as the power outlet as they are controlled by the same app. The light switch does need to be wired into the homes electrical circuits like a regular outlet, but this one will be Wi-Fi enabled and can also be controlled using network signals in case no Wi-Fi is available. Of course, the switch can still be turned on or off manually and tapping the indicator light will enable or disable the remote control capabilities.


The user can set schedules for when specific lights are to be turned on or off. Since the WeMo light switch uses the same app, it can be managed just like all other WeMo enabled devices and should be a breeze to get used to for existing WeMo users. A beta version of the new Android app will be available soon but the final version will be released this summer.


Another exciting feature announced last year was WeMo’s compatibility with the IFTTT service. This created a platform for a lot of customization and added functionality by allowing users to make “recipes” to control devices. IFTTT services will also be available on the WeMo light switch which could make for some interesting “if, then” recipes.


Some reports say the WeMo light switch will go for $50 but Belkin has not made an official announcement. 



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