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Avid runners may sprint when they hear about the newest activity tracking device that not only tracks distances during runs and calories burned, but also monitors heel strike patterns that can potentially predict the development of cognitive disorders.


FootLoggers, developed by 3L Labs, are shoe insoles that claim to do much more than track exercise patterns. 3L Labs designed the shoe insoles to serve as both an upgrade to the already available wristband activity trackers and as a way to help serve the medical community by predicting early signs of diseases like dementia.

The insole is equipped with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, which monitors activity, and eight pressure sensors, which analyze the way in which the user distributes their weight and how their feet strike the ground. The insoles are placed inside the user’s shoes and are reported to be fairly lightweight and comfortable. Each insole can store up to 50,000 footprints using flash memory and has a rechargeable battery life of 24 hours.


The insoles are wirelessly rechargeable at a distance of 50mm using a companion device called a ShoeStation. The dock does not only charge the shoes, but also uploads the information it stores regarding the user’s daily activity via Bluetooth, which is then uploaded to the 3L Labs server and analyzed based on the user’s preferences. The results of each day’s activity can be sent to the user and another person of their choice, such as a fitness trainer or a nurse.


3L Labs claims the insoles serve a number of purposes to a number of users, such as informing high-level athletes when their body weight is improperly positioned at critical moments, such as before the swing of a golf club or seconds before a runner sprints. It can also help users track their daily calories burned and helping physical therapists monitor the rehabilitation and progress of their patients. The technology may be tapped in the future to work alongside gaming consoles for interactive, physically demanding games as well. 3L Labs expects the insoles to be available in the second-half of 2014. They are expected to retail for $100 - hope they are comfy too.


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