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Have you ever wanted to grow eyes in the back of your head to make sure your kids aren’t getting into trouble while you’re away?, a French company, recently announced its newest device, which may allow you instil fear in those bad kids. revealed the device, a robot called Mother, at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics show last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The robot is modeled after a Russian doll and can wirelessly connect to up to 24 devices in your home to make them “smart” devices. Some of its functions include reminders to take medication, monitoring the temperature of a room and monitoring the opening and closing of a door (if you have teenagers, this may be a way to minimize midnight sneak-outs).


Mother was created by the same robotics engineer that brought you Nabaztag robotic rabbits, Rafi Haladjian. It was designed to give users reminders about regular household duties they may forget about and it will nag until the task is complete – just like Mom used to do. For example, the 6-inch-tall robot can be programmed to track whether or not someone is taking their medication by monitoring when the medicine cabinet is being opened and closed. While Mother cannot detect whether or not someone swallowed their pills, if the cabinet hasn’t been opened on a particular day, their caretaker can probably make the assumption that their patient forgot to take their medication. The robot can also monitor the opening and closing of a door, a potential security measure in the event of a robbery or a sneaky teenager.


The sensors to which Mother connects are called Cookies and can be programmed to perform up to 14 different functions throughout your home. The Cookies will need to be replaced once every year and while a user can connect up to 24 Cookies at once, they are sold in packs of 4 for $99, making the robotic reminders a potentially expensive convenience.


The Smart Russian dolls blink to notify users that Mother is connected to the Wifi network. It is expected to hit the market between February and March, retailing as a set of one Mother robot and four Cookies sensors for $222.

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