I'm new to the Industrial Automation World (I was recently hired as marketing manager of industrial electronics at Newark Element14, but my background is in manufacturing/marketing) so I asked the Linked In Automation & Control Engineering group to suggest some blogs/bloggers that would help give me a crash course in IAC.  So...here’s a  list of the Best Blogs and Bloggers for Industrial Automation and Control (as compiled from suggestions from the Linked In Group: Automation & Control Engineering  with over 56,ooo members!) - Thank You!


Best Blog/Bloggers For Industrial Automation & Control: 

Great Manufacturing Automation Blog by Gary Mintchell   http://themanufacturingconnection.com/

Good selection of product reviews and industry specific How To's here: http://cdluk.com/blog/

RTA Automation - Jonh Rinaldi's Blog  http://rtaautomation.com/blog/

Control design for machine builders - http://www.controldesign.com/

Automation.com - Articles  http://www.automation.com/automation-news/article

Control Engineering  http://www.controleng.com/blogs.html

Doug J. Cooper compiles a lot of knowledge about Process Control http://www.controlguru.com/

Walt Boyes, original Automation and Controls Blogger http://www.controlglobal.com/blogs/controlling-interests/

Insights in Automation by Plc specialists  http://www.insightsinautomation.com/

Blogging on Automation, Cyber Security, Network Convergence and and other applications of the Internet of Things in Industrial Applications at the Industrial IP Advantage with a very Brit sense of humour http://www.industrial-ip.org/en/community/blog

Invensys has a number of blogs covering a variety of automation, control, security, smart cities, etc. http://iom.invensys.com/EN/Pages/blogs.aspx

Advanced software applications including MES, EMI, Workflow, EAM, and topics of general industry interest:  http://invensysopsapplications.blogspot.com/

Info on safety & integration http://www.controleng.com/blogs/machine-safety.htmlhttp://www.controleng.com/blogs/automation-system-integration.html

Jim Cahill’s blog is at http://www.EmersonProcessXperts.com.

Greg McMillan has the Control Talk Blog- http://www.ControlGlobal.com/blogs/ControlTalkBlog and he contributes to the ISA Interchange blog, http://Automation.ISA.org/tag/McMillan.

Terry Blevins also has a great blog at: http://www.ModelingAndControl.com .

Best Bloggers For Electronic Design Engineers in Automation/Control: 

Jeri Elsworth http://www.youtube.com/user/jeriellsworth

Chris Gammel http://chrisgammell.com/blog/

Fran Blanche  http://www.frantone.com/designwritings/design_writings.html

Gerry Sweeney (http://www.gerrysweeney.com)

Milton J. Lorton (http://www.mjlorton.com)
Ben Heck 

Dave Jones' blog at http://www.eevblog.com