James Hobson demonstrating his super strength fortified by his DIY exoskeloton. Looks like he's about to blow an o-ring too. (via the Hacksmith)

Alright folks, do you know what time it is? It's time to geek out! As part of a collection of DIY projects in a series titled “Make it Real,” The Hackman (aka James Hobson) and a group of mad scientists at Rimstar have collaborated to make a 'real' Elysium Exoskeleton. Why let all the fictional superheros have all the fun when anyone with enough money and time could become the next Iron Man? Well. in a more technologically advanced society perhaps.


For now, I guess we'll have to settle for inventions like these which only serve the purpose of feeding fantastical dreams of becoming Batman or Iron Man one day. Hey, why not? This Exoskeleton allows The Hackman to curl 170 lbs of concrete and steel. While at the same time, destroying his back. To be honest, however, The Hackman looks like he benches more than 170 lbs on a regular basis. This is still an impressive DIY project. I mean, it does actually work, which is half the battle.


The design of this Exoskeleton is quite simple. It is mostly just rigging which is worn like a backpack. The most important technology is in the robotic arms that are pneumatic cylinders which use an air compressor to give you the gusto to lift 170 lbs. The higher the air compression, the more you can lift using the exoskeleton, in theory.


In practice, I see The Hackman needing a chiropractor in the near future. Watch the video demonstration to see why. While the Exoskeleton serves its purpose, you actually need to be able to dead-lift 170 lbs and protect your back in the process. This doesn't seem to be easy since the exoskeleton doesn't seem to offer the mobility necessary to get a good stance. Plus, you probably just shouldn't curl that much weight, ever.


Nonetheless, The Hackman and Hack-A-Day seem really excited about this and you can visit their websites for YouTube videos on how to become a superhero by creating your own Exoskeleton. I'm sure this group will continue to “Make it Real” with more superhero paraphernalia to come.



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