The McFly Hoverboard and High-top combo from ZBoards. Can these kicks work today? (via Zboards)

The latest from Zboards is enough to get old Delorian purring with glee as they take a classic ride back to the future. Ever want to feel the wind flowing through your hair as you ride on a hoverboard like Marty McFly? Obviously, you'll be wearing your acid wash jeans and shell jacket to match. Well, now you actually can. One lucky winner will actually get the whole ensemble, complete with hoverboard, high-tops, and more for free!


The rest of us will have to settle for the hoverboard and replica McFly high-top shoes. Of course, you can always visit the local thrift shop to find your own 80's outfit that will make others sneer with envy as you zoom past on your hoverboard as fly as McFly. Oh yeah, they'll be jealous, maybe – if they are, in fact, old enough to appreciate the reference.


The Zboards McFly Limited Edition hoverboard and high-top combo costs $700. The board will set you back about $600. This Zboard is electric pink in design and, most importantly, literally electric. I must say, the design of this electric board is pretty awesome. The kit is held underneath the board. To run the board, you just use one foot pad to accelerate, and you put pressure on the back foot pad to break. The Zboard also come with motion sensors to allow you to steer by sifting your weight and balance slightly. Hence, all you have to do is keep yourself balanced on the board. Which may be easier to do in Marty McFly high-tops.


The top speed on the board is 17 mph and the battery life is supposed to last you 5 miles on the highway (hopefully not literally on the highway), and 3 miles in the city. So, basically, if you can cruise at a good pace, your battery should last longer. The battery takes about 5-6 hours to charge – not good if you want to go on a longer trek. But it could get you to work in time for a power-up to fuel the ride back home. The board also comes with a handle for easy carrying when the battery dies on you and you're too lazy to use it the old fashioned way.


There was an electric backpack skateboard on Kickstarter a couple months ago that didn't have as sleek of a design as this Zboard model. However, this Zboard is pretty expensive for a skateboard when you could get a really decent bike for that price. However, you wouldn't look as cool on a bike as you would cruising down the suburban streets on a McFly hoverboard.


If you live in Chicago, you can check out the Back to the Future Delorian at the Wormhole Café in Wicker Park as you strut your stuff in full McFly gear. You would become a sort of hipster God in the eyes of the patrons. Then you can laugh and roll away with a cappuccino in hand: mission accomplished. Great Scott! You are too cool for school.



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