The expected instant photo printing gadget for iPhone and Android is taking Kickstarter by storm (via kickstarter & Prynt)

A few short months ago we featured a French, start-up company that had nothing more than a prototype and a dream. Now, their dream is becoming an epic reality. They finally featured their campaign on Kickstarter needing a pledge of $50,000. Within only a few hours, they had raised over $125,000 for their campaign. Now, within days, they have almost $600,000 raised! It seems that they have chosen to capture the right market at the right time.


Prynt is a current Kickstarter success story, which should get your entrepreneurial libido moving; considering that only 44% of projects get funded successfully, and the vast majority of projects never raise over $10,000.

For those of you that missed the previous post on Prynt, I’ll give a run-down on this interesting gadget. Prynt is essentially the modern-day Polaroid for iPhone and Android. It acts as a ‘case’ that you plug your phone into (negating the need for syncing via Bluetooth). Once connected, you can use the Prynt app to print any photo on your phone in a matter of seconds. The photo comes out much like a Polaroid and you can feel free to personalize it beforehand. The new twist on the Polaroid is that you can record a 5 to 10 second video clip which will play on your phone when your phone camera catches a glimpse of the photo. Hence, it has an augmented reality feature that works in Harry Potter-esque fashion: allowing you to capture more than just one moment.


The augmented reality footage can supposedly be shared with any of your friends and family that download the app. Hence, it may make a clever idea for party and wedding invitations.


The photo printer doesn’t use inkjet technology, because the ink is embedded in the paper itself and activated by heat pulses: aka Polaroid ZINK photo paper. Considering the amount of money pledged already, there are no more early-bird specials left which give up to 50% off the list price.


However, you can still score one on Kickstarter for $99 or more. You can also pre-order it on the Prynt Case website for $99. The basic package includes the Prynt Case and 10 pieces of photo paper. You can also order additional pieces of photo paper (once they’re all set up) for $5 per pack of 10. You are supposed to be able to order photo paper directly from the app itself and it will be shipped to your house ASAP. Personally, I am thinking that you can probably buy some ZINK photo paper (or equivalent) online, in bulk, and cut it down to the proper size (just saying...).


One of the nicest features of this gadget is that it has its own power source and requires no pairing, meaning that you don’t have to waste your precious phone’s battery life to print as many Prynt Case photos as you like. However, it will cost you photo paper which is the major drawback of this device. Each paper will cost you more than what it would cost to print at your local Walgreens, however it scores major points on convenience. In a world of digital media, it seems photos are making a comeback.



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