Kalsi’s 3D LED display (video: Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi)


Since technology is so central in our lives, it seems only befitting that traditional artforms would fall by the wayside. With Burning Man preparing for its 2016 installations, two artists decided to show the world what one can create using light instead of fire. Architect Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi and artist Daniel Canogar recently released new LED custom light installations, quite possibly the coolest art we’ve seen in a while.



Interface of art blueprint before 3D printing (image: Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi)


Using a 3D printer, LED lights and a lot of patience, Kalsi created a 3D-printed image using only light. By swapping the machine’s filament tubes for LED lights and capturing the Gcode of each anticipated structural angle, the architect was able to replicate his daughter’s face in his 3D printer. The structure does not last long, as a traditional installation would, but when captured on a long exposure camera, it will be a lovely gift for the young girl in years to come.



Canogar Art Reel (image: Daniel Canogar)


Canogar has much experience working with light displays. According to his website, the full time artist uses discarded electronics as art medium and attempts to illuminate the dark world through his lighted installations. Canogar has used computers, telephones, electrical cables, light bulbs and more to create mind-blowing art.


Helix (videa: Daniel Canogar)


His newest installation uses LED tiles and video walls to display a breath-taking scene similar to lightning or ripples on an ocean’s wave. Titled Helix, the incredible art installation is a public structure on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Quantum of the Seas meant to engage the public – allegedly an aspiration Canogar has for each of his pieces.


Regardless of the method, the light-infused artworks hint at a new era of sculpture to come, where someone else’s garbage can become a powerful, illuminated display for the world to see.


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