RoboHon may not be practical, but it is the most adorable smartphone on the market (via Robohon - Sharp)

Everyone loves their smartphone: it's reliable, convenient, and great for killing time on the bus. But how much better would it be if it looked like a robot? Introducing Sharp's RoboHon, the smartphone that looks like a robot and yes, it is adorable. Designed by Tomotaka Takahashi, it has standard phone features, such as cameras for facial recognition and built in voice recognition, but there are other advanced features gadget enthusiasts will love. There's a projector, a 2-inch screen on its back, connects to LTE, animated arms and legs, and it even talks and dances. Talk about a phone that does everything!


And if you're the type of person who never checks their message, this little guy will let you know when you have a new message. Those who can never get up out of bed may love or hate, that RoboHon will also be your chatty alarm clock. Though it looks pretty petite, it's actually not that small (standing at 19.5 cm) or that light; it weighs roughly 390 grams, which seems to go against the notion of phones getting smaller and lighter. Seeing this guy on your desk is sure to put a smile on your face, but is it really practical? How comfortable is it going to be trying to hold this up to your face? When this was brought about to Takahashi, he responded with the following:


“Practicality means a lot of different ways. Our smartphone is practical, most of the use is for fun, but we treat it as practical. I think RoboHon is similar.”


RoboHon was put in action this past Tuesday at the Ceatec electronics show outside of Tokyo. During the demonstration, the little bot responding to commands to call someone, take a picture, show the picture via the projector, and even do a little dance. Sharp even showed how RoboHon can fit snuggly in a pocket jacket. It looks like a cute little companion, but may make it too easy for phone thieves.


So far, no price has been announced for RoboHon, but Sharp will release more information about the new phone closer to the 2016 launch date.

Many desperately need a robot friend it seems. This one is getting closer to something useful. Connect it to your "smart" house, and that might be worth it.


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