This little guy is not only smart, but super cute. Alpha 2 has a multitude of functions including personal assistant, entertainer, and tutor. Seems like a useful bot... (via Ubtech Robotics)

An IoT dream, make way for the newest household robot: Alpha 2. This month Ubtech Robotics, a service robotic company, launched an Indiegogo campaign for its new Alpha 2 humanoid companion bot. Not only is this domestic bot supposed to be intelligent and useful, he's also pretty adorable. The company is advertising it as a robot for the whole family and this is pretty spot on when you look at everything it can do.


Thanks to its speaking capabilities it can serve as a tutor, interpreter, and even remind you when medications need to be taken. It also have built in alarm systems for the entire family to help remind you of household chores. It can makes calls, check voicemails, check and send text messages, provide the latest weather updates, and can control smart devices like lights and locks. Don't feel like reading a bedtime story to your kid? Have Alpha 2 do it for you. He has the ability to bring certain storybooks to life for your little one. He's also the life of the party with his dancing, singing, and DJ skills. All you need is a wifi or bluetooth connection to get started.


The bot is also customizable thanks to its fully programmable system and open-source operating system. Its hardware includes ultrasonic sensors, touch sensors, and pressure sensors. As an added bonus the bot has a total of 20 servos in its joints making it pretty flexible and nimble. Aside from this robot buddy, the company is working on companion apps called Voice Apps AKA VAPPS, that users will be able to buy from the Alpha Store. Ubtech hopes to have the store open around the time the first units are being shipped out.


The campaign has 20 days left to go and has exceeded its $100,000 goal. It has currently raised over $1,00,000. To celebrate this milestone, the company is sending out ten free Alpha 2s to robotic research institutions and developers worldwide. If you want one of these adorable and awesome sounding robots for yourself, head over to the page. The super early bird will run you $499 while the standard price is $599.


Alpha 2 sure does sound promising and seems like the ultimate robotic toy, but this is just one of numerous robotic companions and none of them have really taken off. Will this robot be any different? We'll just have to wait and see when the robot starts shipping out February 2016.

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