Buyers to get 50% off Fusion 360 when they purchase 1-year licenses for three or more years.


Back in December of 2015, Autodesk and Newark element14 came together to form a new partnership that would benefit both companies by allowing Newark to sell Autodesk’s Mechanical Design suite along with their embedded, test and EDA software packages.

What does this mean for you?


It means 3D modeling that works with PCB layout software. Imagine designing a PCB, and simply exporting that design into a 3D modeling program, and you see a 3D representation of your board. Maybe you want to see if your PCB will fit inside a particular enclosure or perhaps you want to build a custom box for the board. That is what Autodesk Fusion 360 can do, in collaboration with EAGLE Pro from CadSoft.


The partnership between both companies has continued to grow and with that continued growth comes greater rewards, in this case a reduced price offering for Autodesk’s Fusion 360 cloud-based design platform. Buyers of the CAD, CAM and CAE suite will receive 50% off the original price of $300 but there’s one caveat- buyers need to purchase three or more 1-year subscriptions. That translates to $450 at a three-year price point rather than spending almost a grand.



Fusion 360 allows users to design, test and manufacture their projects using a single platform.


Before delving into whether or not the Fusion 360 price point is a good bargain let’s take a look at what’s included with the design platform-


  • Cloud-based 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE platform for product development
  • Design, test, and fabricate in a single tool
  • Work anywhere, collaborate with anyone
  • Freeform, sculpting, solids, parametric and mesh modeling capabilities
  • Integrated simulation & testing
  • Data translation of more than 50 file types
  • Assembly modeling, Joint & motion studies
  • 2 & 2.5-axis machining
  • 3D printing utility
  • Integrated and associative 2D drawings
  • 3-axis machining


The most important feature of Fusion 360 isn’t listed… It’s the integration it has with EAGLE. This feature delivers a single, cohesive ECAD-MCAD product solution. Everything in one place.


The biggest question however, is whether or not the price point is a good bargain for what’s being offered. The answer is both yes and an emphatic no depending on user’s needs and if they intend to profit from using the software. Let me explain, Fusion 360 is absolutely free but is limited to students, educators and ‘startups’, meaning they don’t pay for a subscription and can use it indefinitely. As long as you’re not pocketing any revenue, users can use the platform all they want, however once users start making a profit, they must then pay a subscription fee.


While that may be considered a negative, it can also be looked at as a safety net- imagine designing a product for the commercial market and not being able to crowd-fund it or it’s a downright failure. Those on the other side of the spectrum would no doubt profit from using Fusion 360, especially those that routinely use design tools to make their own products. Depending on their income, the $450 price point is no doubt a great deal, especially for three or more years.


I could have really used this MCAD-ECAD combo on my Pi Ball project.