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Marty the pacing robot

Posted by rancell Jan 31, 2019
I had worked out how to control my Marty with Scratch. But you quickly run out of dance routines to make it do. For more interesting programs, you need some input.   When you assemble your Marty it doesn't have any sensors connected to it. But the box does have two limit switches in it, and no instructions on what to do with them. I was trying to work out what to do to them (Attach them to the hands? Use them to detect when the case is open?) until I decided they would be useful to detect ...
In a previous post I showed how to assemble the Marty robot. At the end of that you could control Marty using your phone, but now I wanted to do something more creative.   An easy way to program is using Scratch, which is a block based programming language. It is a popular tool for children to learn to program.   Sadly you can't use the standard Scratch website as it doesn't have the module to control Marty. But the company behind Marty does provide a version of Scratch that you can ...

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