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Image from Warp Records   Celebrated UK electronic music artist, Sqaurepusher has collaborated with a team of Japanese robotics engineers to create a 5 track EP entitled 'Music for Robots'. The EP, which is available on Warp records features music composed by Squarepusher and played by the Z-Machines robot band. The line up consists of 'Mach', a guitarist' with 78 fingers who can play at speeds of over 1000BPM, 'Ashura', the 22 armed drummer and 'Cosmo', the keyboard player.   Square ...
'Omnicorp' unveiled Robocop at this year's CES in Las Vegas with this video. Omnicorp's bearded and be-suited representative gloats "We have created the most powerful and technological defense system in history" before adding chillingly "yet this wasn't enough."   Naturally this is just a promotional stunt for the forthcoming Sony Pictures film of Robocop, but there is an uneasy familiarity of the presentation itself and given the recent advancements in robotics from Boston Dynamics and ot ...
The amazing Robo Raven created by UMD Robotics. So realistic in flight that a passing hawk mistook it for prey! Read their full press realease on the Robo Raven here.
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