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Grendel One: Background.

Posted by johnfire Sep 26, 2017
I started this project about 2 years ago, after visiting a Maker Faire in Hannover Germany. I saw the NAO robot there, and after doing some research and thinking, realized I could try building a home brew version using a Raspberry Pi. At the time I was working as a full time language teacher here in Germany and wanted a computer test bed to work on language acquisition by computers. After some research and thinking I decided on attempting to build a general purpose robot with  a cluster of ...

Grendel One

Posted by johnfire Sep 25, 2017
Hi, to anyone who comes to read this. My name is Christopher Rehm and I am working on a robotics project that some of you may be interested in. basically i have built a custom cluster computer using 5 raspberry pis, which is the control system for a robot. the servos that control the robots movements are run by arduino micro controllers. I have built a website all about the project and would suggest that as first reading about the Grendel One project.  It involves hardware design, power sup ...

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